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we live. but these swing states are getting hammered by it. martha: he will send a report. have a great weekend. "happening now" starts right now. jon: a fox news alert. breaking news now on the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. fox news sources telling us cia officers on the ground in benghazi during the attack sent requests for help but were denied. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this. jennifer. >> reporter: hi, jon. well sources who were on the ground in benghazi during the attack tell fox news that in fact there were three separate requests to aid not only the attack that was occurring at the consulate and to try to help with that attack but also requests for outside help, outside military help to help once there were gunfire and firefights at the cia annex. those requests, we're told, came from higher headquarters. they were told to stand
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down. as you know, glen doherty and tyrone woods, the former navy seals were over at the cia annex at about 9:40 p.m. when the first shots were heard at the consulate where the ambassador and his team were taking fire. i'm told that they radioed to their higher headquarters that they wanted permission to go and help the ambassador, help the ambassador's team. at that time they were told by their higher-ups, to quote, stand down. they waited approximately an hour. they requested again to send glen doherty, tyrone woods and other members of that team to help out at the consulate. they were again, for a second time told to stand down. they ignored those orders. they made their way over to the consulate against orders, and they helped rescue those who had survived at the consulate. they could not find the ambassador. they made their way back to the cia annex about one mile away at midnight. that is approximately, the firing started at 9:40 p.m.
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that is approximately two hours 20 minutes later. they get back to the cia annex. they begin taking fire almost immediately. four mortars are fired at the compound pound. during that time there was no problem with communications i'm told from sources on the ground. they were in constant radio contact with higher headquarters. they were calling for military support, air support. i also learned from separate sources there were at least special operations unit, most likely delta force, that was waiting on standby at signelli airbase, 480 miles from benghazi. they could have been at benghazi in approximately two hours. they were part of the commanders force, assist called in the special operations community. they did not take off. typically on the ground when special operations forces are involved in a firefight like it they can call in air support from what are known
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aspecter gunships. these are commonly used by the special operations communities and sources in benghazi who were involved in the attack say that no gunships were sent, no help was sent, even though the fighting at the cia annex went on for more than four hours. we're also told, those at the cia annex took into custody three libyan attackers and were forced to hand them over to the libyan february 17th forces that came to help at the annex approximately 4:00 in the morning. they handed these three libyans over. it is not clear from u.s. officials what happened to the libyans and whether those libyan attackers were in fact released in in the end by the libyans. but this is somewhat explosive information that three requests were denied from higher headquarters not only to the help the ambassador and his team at the consulate but also to send in outside military help that could have helped in this ongoing firefight that went on for six hours
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and 20 minutes. a final point, jon, we have confirmed there were two surveillance drones sent over benghazi. one of them was september into position. it was already in position over libya at the time, over eastern libya. it was positioned shortly after the firing began. it had to be replaced by a second drone later in the evening. so there was always one drone up above sending real-time video back to computers, back to computers that could be accessed at any of the agencies here in washington. anyone with a clearance at cia, pentagon, the white house situation room, or at the state department could be tapping into that real-time video from the drones up above benghazi, on that night of september 11th and 12th. jon? jon: jennifer griffin at the pentagon with some explosive information there. doherty and woods who gave their lives in this attack tried to rescue the others. in fact did rescue the
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others against orders you're saying. this thing could have been a lot worse had they not done so. just incredible and so many questions left to answer. thank you, jennifer. >> reporter: jon, one final point. glen doherty and tyrone woods were killed at 4:00 a.m. by a mortar shell. that is six hours and 20 minutes after the fighting at the consulate began. my source also tells me that one of the team was on the roof with a laser pointer with eyes on the mortar attack team, the libyan mortar, the people who were shelling. that laser could have helped guide in any spectre gunship or any other form of military help if it had been sent. jon: or an armed drone even. jennifer griffin. we'll bet back to you. thank you so much. jenna: more on that throughout the day today, certainly. this fox news alert. the east coast bracing for hurricane sandy as it barrels you there the atlantic.
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the storm leaving 29 people dead as it barreled through the caribbean and sandy's path looking more ominous by the hour. forecasters predict it will collide with an arctic blast when it reaches the northeast, bringing a so-called perfect storm from the mid-atlantic to maine early next week. florida is already feeling some of the hurricane's wrath. tropical storm warnings in effect as the state gets whipped with thunderstorms and high winds and big waves. meteorologist janice dean live in the fox news weather center with the very latest. >> we got the latest hurricane advisory from the national hurricane center, jenna and jon. still a hurricane and increasingly looks like it with will be a northeast mid-atlantic event affecting all of the big cities, d.c., new york city, south of boston and philadelphia as well. let's take a look at it. this is the arctic front that will kind interact with this storm as it breaks down. it will allow this storm to
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back door it into the northeast, something we typically don't see in october. so, historically we've never seen an event like this, a perfect storm that actually makes landfall across the northeast t will be a big event. people need to prepare as best they can. there is the storm right now. the latest advisory still has this as a category 1 hurricane. there is our future raid today from one of our models as it skirts the outer banks. from the outer banks to maine you need to watch this with snow on the backside of it. that cold air being infused into this tropical system will give this high octane fuel like a super storm. we're really warning folks this is something historically we've never seen. latest track again, jenna, jon, brings it into the same area we've seen over the last 12 to 24 hours. d.c., philadelphia, new york city, north of the storm it will see the worst of the storm surge, winds and rain unfortunately. back to you. jenna: a lot more coverage,
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jd. thank you. >> you're welcome. jon: the race for the white house running red hot with just 11 days to go till election day. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. glad you're with us with breaking news. more on all of that the next two hours. more on politics. the president is wrapping up much of the day at the white house after wrapping up a 40 hour battleground blitz across eight key states. he has three national interviews on his slate. governor mitt romney is hoping to get a little national attention of his own. he is ramping up for a all-out push for iowa for what his campaign is calling a significant economic address. we expect that this afternoon in the city of ames. that is before moving on to ohio for an event this evening with running mate, congressman paul ryan. jon: as we get closer to election day there are lots of questions right now about
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the impact of president obama's bad october is having on democrats around the country in other races. take a look at the balance of power in the house right now. republicans hold the majority, 240 seats, to democrats 190. there are five vacant seats right now. let's talk about it with shane deapril of campaigns and elections magazine. he is the editor. shane, democrats have talked like they would be able to recapture the house, maybe put nancy pelosi back in place as speaker of the house. how is that looking right now after the month the president obama has had? >> yeah right now, jon, it doesn't look good in terms of democrats being able to retake the house majority. i think if you go back to the beginning of the year to get those 25 seats which is what democrats would need, that was a very tall task to begin with. i don't think there were too many analysts who actually thought that democrats had a shot at that. but i think with the tightening of the top of the ballot between mitt romney and president obama, you
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have seen a shift onto the congressional level. you're hearing it from democrats in tight congressional races and top party strategists suggesting that a lot of those tight races are tightening even further. that makes it much more unlikely that democrats will be able to get to that 25. most analysts think democrats will pick up a handful of seats in the house. i think that is probably likely. but 25 and a majority seems near impossible at this point. jon: as we watch the president jogging across the tarmac to make a campaign appearance, it may seem like a silly question but why does that happen? why do the president's troubles trickle down to other democratic candidates? >> this is something that we've seen increasingly in the past couple of cycles, jon. i mean, the national environment and the impact that that has had down the ballot has been substantial. we saw it in 2010. we saw it in 2008. both of those years on the congressional level were what we call these wave elections where, what was
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happening at a national environment. in 2008, swept out republican members of congress all across the country n 2010, we saw the opposite effect. in 2010, a lot of conservative democrats, and conservative congressional districts lost simply because of the national environment. so 2012, i think we're going to see some of the same. the national environment, these congressional elections i think they're increasingly nationalized. i don't see much to suggest that that trend is going to be that different come november. jon: gives you a lot to write about in campaigns and elections magazine, that's for sure, right? >> sure does, jon. jon: shane deapril. the editor. thank you. >> thank you. jenna: with 11 days to go before the election a new report is out on economy. u.s. growth in the third quarter, how did we do? and the impact it could have in the days and weeks to come. plus as janice dean keeps telling us we're keeping an eye on sandy. the storm already causing a lot of trouble in cuba. it is headed to the
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northeast. what to expect and how to prepare, next. >> actually could be a very significant event, very dangerous event. >> i talked to a couple fishermen and i kind of believe what they said and they said they think it is going to be one of the worst storms in 10 years [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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jenna: hurricane sandy making its way from the caribbean to america's east coast. why are we calling this potentially a perfect storm? it is expected to meet an arctic blast as it hits the northeast hitting the region on halloween with a strong combination of high winds, heavy rains and storm surges. 29 storm-related deaths were reported in caribbean. that includes cuba and haiti. florida already getting battered as sandy's outer band brings strong wind and thunderstorms and crashing waves seeing on the screen. thunderstorm warnings remain
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in the state of florida. a preview of what other states can expect as the hurricane moves up the eastern seaboard. joining us on the phone a virginia emergency management communications director. bob, what does this look like to you? >> jenna, we're obviously watching the storm pretty closely. we don't they where exact landfall will be but for us it won't matter wooflt get significant impacts from virginia he is specially along the coast and but even in the mountains high winds and potential storm. jenna: that is important point. it doesn't matter where the direct hit is. you expect there to be a lot of things to be worried about, do i have that correct? >> yeah. we're looking at heavy seas along the coast. we're looking at storm surge. we might end up looking at whether folks in some of the low-lying areas would have to evacuate. we're looking at heavy rain. we're looking at sustained winds, very strong winds, that we're looking at power outages, that could last for several days. and we're looking at strong winds, even out into the mountains, part of virginia,
8:17 am
and some potential snow in the southwest part of virginia. so we're really looking at a wide impact from this storm. jenna: yeah. a little bit of everything sounds like from snow to wind to rains to all that. what is number one thing people need to have? >> this is good time for folks to get ready make sure they have emergency supplies. we're looking for potential for them to be without power for several days. make sure they have bottled water. they have foods. they don't need the microwave or don't need the refrigerator. they have time to go get this. especially with a generator they need fuel ready to go. make sure they test the generator. make sure it works. jenna: that is good tip. do you expect evacuations, bob? >> i don't think we're looking large-scale evacuation. typically with these types of storms, some low-lying areas that flood with these types of storms they can expect to get some flooding. i know local officials will look at that and see certain areas, neighborhoods near streams might have to
8:18 am
evacuate. jenna: great tips and great information, bob. we look forward to talking to you more as we continue to watch sandy and her move towards the east coast. bob, thank you very much. >> thanks, jenna. jon: some brand new numbers on the growth of u.s. economy as we get a stunning new report on the potential impact of the looming fiscal cliff. signs businesses are already struggling as washington drags its feet on that. plus a severely injured baseball fan back in the ballpark. an update on brian stow who went to a ballgame and ended up in a coma. his case against the accused coming up follow the wings.
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jon: fox news alert. some of the latest stats on u.s. economic growth. the commerce department saying the economy grew at a 2% rate from july through
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september. that's up from 1.3% in the previous quarter. rich edson of the fox business network joins us now. so what's behind this increase, rich? >> reporter: jon, government spending helped. up nearly 10% in the third quarter. defense spending increases 13%. other government spending was up 3%. consumer spending was up 2%. boosting growth a recovering housing market. governor mitt romney is speaking about the economy in iowa. he is releasing a statement in this morn's gdp report. slow economic growth means slow job growth and declining take home pay. this is what four years of president obama's policies have produced. this report shows that the economy is going in the right direction. jon: manufacturers, warning of a slowdown. >> reporter: another day in washington another group of businesses urging congress
8:23 am
to. the national association of manufacturers economic growth will be 3% lower next year. by the following year the u.s. will have nearly six million fewer jobs and disposable income will drop 10% by 2015. congress likely begins serious negotiations on the tax hikes and spending cuts, known as the fiscal cliff, after the election. jon? jon: rich edson, fox business network in washington. thank you, rich. jenna: well a bittersweet moment for a severely injured fan welcomed as an honored guest at game 2 of the world series at san francisco's ballpark. harris faulkner has more. harris? >> jenna, a chance for fans to expect their well wishes to brian stow and see he is doing phenomenally well. even so his life will not be the same as you can imagine. you recall the beatdown outside of dodger stadium that left brian stow with severe brain injuries. doctors said it would be a long road and his life would be different.
8:24 am
brian has two children. he used to be a paramedic did. his family says his days are so filled with physical pain. sometimes it feels like he has a broken hand or a broken foot although he doesn't. and brian's memory they say is unpredictable. but he still loves to have fun like attending last night's game 2 of the world series as a guest of the san francisco giants his favorite team. his family says by the way they have an online blog. they wrote recently, when brian's not watching baseball he does carry objection key -- karaoke twice a week and eye the tiger and and genie in a boot tell. about the beating he suffered, two suspects are ordered to stand trial. we'll keep you updated on that part of the story, jenna. jenna: we wish him a continued recovery. harris, thank you. jon: such a sad story. new fallout on the attack on
8:25 am
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jenna: breaking news on the developing situation that we continue to watch out of benghazi. jennifer griffin bringing us from the pentagon some exclusive reporting said those on the ground were asking for help and asking for military reinforcements. asked three times for it and all three times were denied.
8:29 am
by who and why are some of the questions that remain. our very own bret baier just wrapped up an exclusive interview with senator john mccain with more very explosive information. bret? >> jenna, this story is developing really literally, by the minute and, jennifer's reporting from the pentagon is astounding. i urge everybody to go to the website, she will have it all detailed here momentarily. it is astonishing, fox news learning from sources who were on the ground in benghazi, this is solid reporting, that for three urgent requests for military backup there, during that attack, over the seven hours, denied by officials who told cia operators to stand down and as, this attack was going on. it is amissingly detailed, her reporting throughout this and you can get all of this detail as jennifer went through it during your show at the top of the hour.
8:30 am
what i'm going to bring you now is another charge by senator john mccain, who has been following this from the beginning and he follows defense secretary leon panetta who as you know from the pentagon said that the reason there was not clear enough, not a clear enough picture on the ground, what was occurring, to send help, and that the military didn't believe they knew what the situation was to get troops on the ground. senator mccain says that is not the case. senator mccain says that there was not an alert status for troops around the region. that the alert was not set up. that troops were not ready to be able to respond. this is what he says in an interview just moments ago. >> after three weeks of investigation we have concluded that there was no way that the military could have intervened because they were not ready, they were not prepared, and there was no alert of any kind that
8:31 am
would have enabled them to reach a state of readiness that they could have intervened. they could not have intervened in that seven hour period because they were not in a state of readiness and that is the reason why they didn't intervene in my view. >> so in other words, there were forces there but they weren't at a state of readiness that could get them there to respond quick enough? >> there are forces all over the mediterranean and europe. they were not at a state of readiness they could have intervened. in incredible aspect of this it was well-known that there were two attacks on, on the facility as you know, in april and in june. the many a ambassador was attempted to be assassinated, british ambassador. the international red cross left. the british closed their consulate and there were numerous warnings. the last message from chris stevens was, that the lack of security was of great
8:32 am
concern to him. and now we find out that this president, and this administration didn't even put forces on alert so that they could intervene in case of a crisis. >> and you find that? >> i find it astounding. i find it a lack of leadership, a lack of understanding. either before or during this attack they should have known that on september 11th, on september 11th, and now we know that maybe there were individuals who were took part in this attack that were from tunisia and libya. now you know, there's an interesting aspect of that. that means if it's true, that al qaeda is now capable cot the region. >> when he is saying tunisia and libya, tunisia and iraq, there are possible terrorists from tunisia and iraq involved in this benghazi. jennifer griffin special
8:33 am
operations team operating in central europe had been moved to sigonella airbase but they were told to stand down actually and that a second force, specializing in counterterrorism rescues was on hand as well as sigonella. there was a team that moved in from tripoli but they were held up for some 45 minutes in benghazi. did not make it in time to intervene or rescue the two former navy seals. this is all developing. i mean minute by minute. and we are covering every moment of this. we are trying to get the newest revelations as a part of this hour special that is going to run this weekend. we promise we're going to get the newest stuff on and hopefully we'll get it all in and we'll make it in time to make slot as we say in tv. jenna: we hope for that too. real quick, bret. one of our viewers just asked what does this all mean? what does all the new information mean and who
8:34 am
would have denied the orders or requests, pardon me, for support? >> i think that's where these questions are going. i don't know the answer to that. there is a meeting at oval office, in the oval office at 5:00, apparently the day of on september 11th. what happened in that meeting is really what's a lot of people are asking . what did defense secretary leon panetta do as far as deploying forces and where, where was the standdown order on this time, this special-ops team at sigonella airbase, where did that come from? we are still pulling thread. we're still trying to get answers. despite the fact a lot of other organizations are not, we continue to be on this. jenna: good thing too, bret. thank you very much. we're going to look forward to the special, making the slot as you say at 1:00 p.m. on saturday. bret's team has all of this woven together as you
8:35 am
mentioned. 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on sunday. basically you will be able to catch it this weekend. that is the big point. between saturday and sunday you never know what can develop. stay tuned to fox news. more reporting from bret baier as we get it and the latest on benghazi. jon? jon: here's a shocker for you. women make up more than half the electorate in this country and right now some national polls show the candidates, the presidential candidates in a dead-heat among women. so what does each candidate doing to try to win ladies hearts in the voting booth? an associated press gfk poll showing president obama and governor romney deadlocked among the voting bloc, each with 47% but what about in ohio? for more on women voters and how they will make their choice on election day i have summoned a couple of women i know to the studio. we're joined by monica crowley, radio talk show host and fox news contributor and julie
8:36 am
roginsky ski, fox news contributor and former political advisor to senator frank lautenberg of new jersey. a month ago, julie, president obama enjoyed a lead among women on economic issues 56-40%. now that has flipped. it is now 49-45 romney over obama. what happened? >> you know, some of these polls say that. other poll, "washington post" poll came out on wednesday actually says still 15-point gender gap between men and women. nationally for in warm's favor. what you -- obama's favor. you seen the polls tighten. romney erased gender gap among women. so i think what you're seeing right now a general tightening of polls. what you're seeing now essentially play for not just women but a very specific demographic of women. women noncollege educated white married women. that is really the wages moms. they're called wages moms. that is what both parties will appeal to. jon: as a good democrat are
8:37 am
you nervous. >> as a good campaign strategist i'm always nervous. no matter how far ahead your candidate may be or behind i'm sure both sides are nervous as they should be. jon: the obama campaign out today i believe with a new campaign ad that is designed to appeal to women. i want to play just a clip from it and get your thoughts. >> first time shouldn't be with just anybody. you want to do it with a great guy. it should be with a guy with beautiful, someone really cares about and understands women. a guy who cares whether you get health insurance. specifically whether you get birth control. the consequences are huge. you want to do it with a guy who brought troops out of iraq. you don't want a guy at the library studying when is out --. jon: that is sample of that ad. monica your reaction? >> it is totally outrage just completely degrading to women and so insulting to any woman, the assumption, coming from the democrats especially from the obama campaign, that women strictly vote on their so-called lady parts, right? i mean this is the campaign
8:38 am
strategy that they have been using for nearly a year. they launched this bogus war on women. they started talking about birth control, trying to scare women into believing somehow the republicans were going to take away women's right to choose or birth control and all of this. women are smarter than that. they also understood, this is perfectly in line by the way with the strategy they were using with the life of julia and that ridiculous cartoon, enticing women, encouraging women to be dependent on government from the time they're babies until the time they die. that kind of cult of victimhood and dependency most women are rejecting. besides the major issues now are the economy and jobs. it is not traditionally women's issues. jon: as the father of a daughter who is 20 one and another who is 15 ad i find that ad a little offensive. >> a little? >> you find it offensive because you're father of those kids. let me tell you something they're not trying to appeal to you. they're trying to appeal to college women who want to come out and vote. to monica's point she is not just talking about birth control but talking about
8:39 am
access in the ad. talking about access and lilly ledbetter act equal pay for equal work for women. that is not specifically appealing to girls in college that want to get birth control for free. they talk about issues when the women dealing with when they graduate from college including making sure they get paid exactly what their male counterparts. >> in order to get paid what male counterparts are getting paid they need to have a job. in this economy, economic issue, the broader, lack of economic growth issue those are issues that are trumping everything else. that's why you're seeing now mitt romney tied with president obama. jon: 26 million women, 26 million women in poverty these days. >> which is highest in 17 years. >> nobody is talking about the fact that economy is doing great. nobody is -- i'm not saying that it is doing well. jon: doing great? >> that's my point. nobody is saying it is doing well. i agree with you but it is doing better than four years ago. that is the bottom line. nobody will dispute the fact
8:40 am
we have a long way to go but everybody can agree on the fact statistically it is expanding economy is. jon: expanding creating more jobs. there were more jobs now -- >> the reason most women are rejecting this assault and these kinds of insulting ads and tactics is because they realize if this is the new normal they reject that. they know the united states and this tremendous engine of economic growth should be doing a lot better than a paltry 2% and 14% total unemployment. so, women are rejecting this but here's the bottom line. the fact that team obama is still putting out ads like this targeting women that julia is talking about, they are still incredibly worried about their base. they're worried about these women. they're worried about minorities. they're worried about colleges kids. that is why you're seeing these kind of targeted ads. if they're that worried this late in the race they're in trouble. >> is purely turnout election. what they're trying to do with that ad as you know from come pains trying to turn out their base. the base is young democratic women. they make sure the people
8:41 am
get to the polls. that ad is not designed to appeal people monica and my ages. not father of college women but college women themselves. jon: julie roginsky, monica crowley, 11 days to go. fascinating to see what happens on november 6th. jenna. jenna: we're getting breaking news on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. one my next guest says the tragedy is creating a credibility for the president 11 days from the election not just isolated to this one story. we'll talk about that. plus one of the most heated moments in the last presidential debate. a dispute over the future of the u.s. navy and whose plan may put it in danger. we have a fact check next.
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jenna: a lot of pressure on the white house to release more information on the deadly terror attack in libya. critical new details continue to drip out as you
8:45 am
heard over the last 45 minutes. one by one we're hearing more about what happened in benghazi. four americans murdered there. this of course happened six weeks ago. house speaker john boehner writing a letter to the president, one sentence reading, quote, in the absence of your direct engagement to clarify these concerns the public's frustration and confusion is likely to discredit efforts to achieve our shared goals, of justice and accountability for the direct assault on american interests and for the deaths of four public servants. just this hour, we learned from our own jennifer griffin her sources say, cia agents on the ground there, during the attack asked for help, asked washington for help and were denied. our next guest says the administrations handling of the tragedy is creating a credibility problem for the president 11 days ahead of election. dan henninger, editorial director of "wall street journal" which is opened by the parent company of fox news. what is reaction latest
8:46 am
breaking news of their denial for request of help? >> i think it is more bad news for the president, jenna. what i'm calling this is, barack obama's credibility gap. the credibility gap was something that occurred during the vietnam war when lipped done johnson was president and essentially what it said was, the president was not leveling with the american people or leveling with congress. coming clean about a major grave event that was happening back then. that's what has occurred now with because because. benghazi. the white house is not leveling with american people when went on that day and i think truly genuinely eroding the president's credibility. jenna: eroding the credibility but an impact on the election? >> yes. an impact on the election, jenna, because the president is the president. he is held to a higher standard. he is not merely an can it today. he is not some politic shun. he is the president of the united states and i think people, voters look to him, to behave with a higher
8:47 am
standard. and in this case, you know, they have held off on this for months. the vice president and the vice-presidential debate a month after gauze gauds blamed it on intelligence services telling them it was simply reaction to the video. hen hillary clinton tried to take responsibility. and finally president obama in his first real public statement was on the comedy channel with jon stewart who to his credit did ask the president how to clean up some of these discrepancies. this is really much lower standard than what the american people expect of their president. jenna: i was looking at the front page of "the wall street journal" unrelated to the benghazi incident but voters from ohio were talking about how they felt about the candidates in general and the writer for "the wall street journal" said many fear neither mr. romney nor president barack obama can end their worries over growing health care cost, stagnating incomes and the job market as well. this goes beyond benghazi
8:48 am
when err talking about credibility and leadership. i wonder how both candidates add up when it comes to credibility from voters on their leadership? >> voters are concerned that both candidates have been stretching the truth to some extent but i think you have to add benghazi to the other big events in the campaign. the first big big one was the december debate which transformed mitt romney's presidency. the second has been the state of the economy. the only other major event what happened in libya and it will not leave the news because the kind of reporting fox has been doing today and because of the fact that a u.s. ambassador in fact was killed along with three other americans and those three events are sitting in the center of this campaign and putting a downward effect on barack obama's prospects. jenna: 11 days can be a lifetime in a campaign. how quickly can a credibility gap be solved if there is indeed one? >> it is very hard to solve it. it was hard for lbj to solve. it dogged richard nixon
8:49 am
during his press den silt once the idea sets in a president who automatically has certain level of trust with the american people has not been leveling with them, then he has a problem. remember the guy in the second debate who stood up and said mr. president what are you doing for us in every day lives of americans and he started talking about iraq and bin laden. he was not leveling with that guy. i think it create ad problem for the president. jenna: we'll see what sort of challenge it creates as we move closer to election day. we'll be talking of course between now and then. i'm sure of it, dan. thank you very much. bret baier's team is uncovering new details about the attack in benghazi. you have "special report"s investigates 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. 3:00 p.m. on sunday, also sunday night. turn on fox news you will see it wherever it airs this weekend. jon: it will be fascinating to watch, jenna. thank you. new developments of a brave young girl in pakistan.
8:50 am
she was gunned down for standing up to the taliban and for girls right to go to school. what malala ious's family is saying about the details. florida getting hit along the east coast. folks are bracing for what could be the perfect storm. a potentially carry situation. we'll update you happening now. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced
8:51 am
medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with a low national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on your medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go forails.
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8:53 am
jon: some new information now on the pakistani girl shot in the head for defying the taliban. 15-year-old malala yousufzai now reunited with her family in the hospital in england where she is recovering. her family addressing the media earlier today. our greg palkot has that story live from london. greg? >> reporter: jon, it is a
8:54 am
miracle. that is how her father is describing the injured girl, pakistani girl's recovery. he and the rest of the family of the 15-year-old malala yousufzai, including her mother and two brothers, were at her bedside at the birmingham, england, hospital. they arrived here late yesterday. the girl was shot in the head earlier this month in pakistan. she had been speaking out against the taliban for the right of girls to go to school after being treated at two different hospitals in pakistan for her terrible injuries she was brought here last week where she is said to be making a remarkable recovery. as her father described today, she can now talk, write, see, and stand in a lot of different ways. listen to what her father, had to say about his brave daughter and they are attackers. >> they wanted to kill her but she fell temporarily.
8:55 am
she will rise again. she will stand again. she can stand now. but when she fell, pakistan stood and the world raised. >> pakistan stood and the world raised. there was global outpouring in favor of malala and girls like her. as her father noted, pakistan stood up. that country long criticized for being soft on the taliban. according to reports nine suspects are in custody the person believed to have shot the young girl is being sought. it is thought perhaps he is across the border in afghanistan. the doctor said while the treatment could take a few more months here in england, she still has to undergo reconstructive surgery. that recovery could very well be complete. the father said that malala is already asking for books. she wants to get studying again, wants to go back to school. in his emotional words, jon, the attackers they were on the side of satan. his daughter, on the side of
8:56 am
angels. back to you. jon: an absolutely incredible story, so great to know that that little girl, not only is surviving but seems to be doing as well as can be expected. greg, thank you. jenna: more on brand new information we're just learning about the deadly attack in libya. the cia on the ground denied a request for help, multiple times. we're going to talk to former cia agent mike baker how this could happen coming up next hour on "happening now."
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
bill: a fox news alert and brand-new disturbing details about the consulate attacked in libya. the obama administration officials denied pretty urgent requests for military backup. those requests, we are told, came during the attack on the consulate. a subsequent attack nearly seven
9:00 am
hours later. the cia operators reportedly received orders to stand down rather than help u.s. ambassadors team. we will have extensive coverage of this breaking story, including talks from former cia operative mike baker coming up "happening now." jon: well, the economy offering very little to cheer us up. hello, everyone i am jon scott. jenna: and i am jenna lee. tax hikes and spending cuts could tip the economy over the edge. unemployment may reach 12% unless congress takes action. jon: in the meantime, the congress reports that the economy grew at a 2% annual rate last quarter. still far below the level needed to create many new jobs.
9:01 am
remember, that is a first look at this number. their other revisions. if you look at the other quarters, those revisions have been downward. we will get reaction from both campaigns coming up in a live report from the white house. right now, the president is back in the oval office, following a whirlwind tour, hitting eight swing states. he has several interviews scheduled for today, including one with mtv. governor romney is in ames, iowa, where he is about to make a major speech according to his campaign. he is going to talk about the economy. his plan for debt and deficit. he will be highlighting the big choices at stake in this election. last night, mitt romney was in ohio, where he got a big reception. take a listen. >> that is in ohio welcome. thank you. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [applause] we are honored to be here with you this evening. i am so appreciative of being
9:02 am
here and showing your support. across the whole country, this campaign is growing. the momentum is building. jenna: ed henry is live with more on this. the president's campaign, in general, what is to be said about the economy this morning? reporter: i was in the state of ohio last night and he had a big crowd as well. his message last night, he said that we made progress, but it's clearly not enough. it is the same refrain this morning still, as you know, 2% is far below what we should expect in a healthy economy. the republicans can put out a statement suggesting stagnation, far worse than what the president had predicted.
9:03 am
but jen psaki pushback on all that short time ago. >> that is baloney. that is baloney. we have created 5.2 million jobs over 32 months. in the short time today, he will be in iowa laying out what his economic plan is. reporter: the obama camp will have a chance to react. there are a lot of other issues out there, but in the final days, we see it coming back to the economy. let's not forget that next friday we have an unemployment report. jenna: we had an undecided voter in her studio last week, and she said it is all about the economy
9:04 am
a new report says by the end of the year, the economy may take a bigger hit regardless about who gets elected. tell us a little bit about that. reporter: is all about the fiscal cliff. everyone has been avoiding talking about it in washington. the bush tax rates expiring. taxes will be going up and in early january, we have the sequestration, which means that we have spending cuts that are kicking in the gives you an idea of the impact it is coming after the election, as much attention as we are paying on the election itself. undecided voters want to talk about this.
9:05 am
the romney camp is saying that women will vote on the economy, not some of the social issues that the president has been talking about on the campaign. >> just another with reminder that women rule the world, as i know you and i have discussed many times. ed henry is why the white house. all the happenings there. ed, thank you. thank you. jon: president obama seems to have a new campaign theme to go along with his plan for the economy if he should win a second term. it is something that we heard very little of until this week. it is the title of a glossy blue
9:06 am
brochure. a.b. stoddard is an editor and columnist at the hill newspaper. she joins us now. what is economic patriotism? >> well, he lists a lot of policy proposals that he has already put out in years and months passed. most of the things that he has talked about before. a fair share and a fair shake, building the economy up, not from the top-down, contributing more and trying to revive the middle class. by reviving manufacturing in helping small business. explaining the benefits of obamacare and tax fairness and stuff that we really heard about. there is nothing new in the brochure. he has given economic patriotism is new name a new team. he did so with less than two weeks ago to go before election day. it was odd timing.
9:07 am
jon: is it because mitt romney was pressing him during the campaign? >> it absolutely was. they thought that paul ryan and mitt romney's charge that the president is just trying to hold onto power without any real agenda or plans for a second term, he hasn't told the public would you do the second term. it was resonating and they were getting nervous. putting enough pressure that they needed to come out with something, everyone usually says i have a plan. this isn't something new. but i argue that he could've done a long time ago.
9:08 am
jon: i was reminded in the pre-internet era when one challenger was trying to come up with ideas. >> i hear your new ideas and i am reminded of that advertisement. where is the beef, joe? [laughter] >> let's keep going. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. he is going to tell you where the beef is. jon: walter mondale to garry harding. 1984. you are saying that this glossy brochure has a lot of slickness to it, but not a lot of substance? >> that's right. he loves how mitt romney doesn't have any details in this plan. it tells you specifics, but it really doesn't. you can could look it up on their campaign website. there a lot of nice pictures of
9:09 am
him -- we have actually seen these plans before. it is a very pretty picture and nice quality, but there's nothing really in there. in terms of specifics. jon: a.b. stoddard is an associate editor of the hill newspaper. jenna: a lot of politics, a lot going on overseas. hurricane sandy on a collision course with a nor'easter. it can form a super storm of swords. but swords, it seems
9:10 am
we have more from phil keating porter that's right, the storm remains off the coast of florida. it is moving northbound. all throughout the day, the weather is going to start improving from miami to fort lauderdale and northward. the effects of this hurricane, a lot of wind and rain over the last two days. some minimal inconvenience is that as this intersection here in fort lauderdale. this entire roadway, we are looking at biscayne bay, severe weather and holes all up inside of it. the fort lauderdale swedes this morning, it certainly did load on the morning commute for commuters. school kids didn't have to worry because they are off today.
9:11 am
as this category one hit jamaica, went to cuba, causing havoc in the jamaica area overnight. it is going to be in the central bahamas, the hurricane remains in effect at the bahamas. it is north in the seaboard, and that is where you have the power and potential to threaten 50 million or so people with heavy rain, and potential massive power outages. that is the million dollar question. jenna: thank you, phil keating, thank you very much. jon: we are going to find out why prosecutors say they might have a harder time building
9:12 am
their case against a 17-year-old suspect accused of murdering a 10-year-old girl. all because of a new law. and bob beckel and ed rollins join us in the race for the white house. >> over the last four years, we have made real progress digging our way of policies they gave us two prolonged wars, record deficits, and the worst economic crisis since the great depression. >> and needs 20 million people out of work, struggling for a good job. i will get people back to work with 12 million new jobs testing mylood sugar... is this part of your life? freestyle lite test strips? why, are they any... beep! wow, that hardly needs any blood! yeah... and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. so easy. freestyle lite needs just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get them right now. or you can call or click today
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jon: america's election headquarters. now your destination for the 2012 campaign. this is a very tight race between president obama or governor romney. who won the week? let's ask bob beckel. a cohost of "the five."
9:16 am
ed rollins is also it is. ed, you said that mitt romney has won six weeks, barack obama has won three weeks. and one wiki but it's a tie. bob's tally was from the democratic side. you might see a little bit differently. you said governor romney has won two weeks, president obama won five weeks, and you rate rehoboam as a tie. >> i was stuck in fifth grade last week and i would've said last week, it was romney's week, too. so that adds one more. >> okay, let's talk about a week now concluding. one? >> obama won because of two things. he ran away with the foreign-policy debate. the other thing is that mitt romney's momentum has stalled. there is no momentum in the swing states right now. this thing is so close, i have never seen one that goes.
9:17 am
not just here, but also when you look at these things, these races are just a reflection. they are polarized and they are sitting there, the democratic based on the republican base, they have very few undecided voters. >> honestly he got through the foreign-policy debate. he was very knowledgeable, people may think the president slightly won it. but the important thing under voters is that they liked mitt romney much better after watching him in the debates. he raised $100 million in the first few weeks. he has all the money he needs to finish this thing. he is not 50% and he is starting to move in a proper position. >> let's keep this in perspective.
9:18 am
that is across the red states where he will do very well. this is a classic case. i think you are really looking at a possibility of romney winning the majority of the popular vote and winning an electoral college. >> we will win and put biden and his vice president. >> that's right. i think the democrats could go along. jon: normally the president comes into any reelection campaign with a huge advantage. you can look presidential, you can sign proclamations, you can do whatever it is. >> a pretty good campaign prop. jon: in this particular campaign, when this benghazi
9:19 am
fiasco has taken place, there are so many questions being asked about it, is that hurting the president? >> this is an economic compay in an election. obama has real problems on that front. frankly, if you had a better republican against him, i think you have seen 52 or 53% republican. obama has not done what he promised he could do. it is always dangerous to make promises the deal with the economy. mitt romney, we will just see how he does. the fact is, it does have advantages. in the end, it still has advantages. i think in the end, that is going to be worth something. the ground game is really the other thing to keep in mind here. that is obama, obama built the ground game, just like the obama people have done against romney
9:20 am
in this one. >> of romney folks are confident in their ground into, though. wisconsin may be the state we talk about -- we talked about ohio being the key state. if we lose ohio, we can still win this thing. we are dead even today, according to the fox poll. colorado is two points ahead in something else. >> not many of these weeks left to win. >> you say it was romney and you say use it was obama. we will keep watching. jenna: we heard this week that the president's campaign is pulling out of north carolina. then we heard, no, they are doubling down in north carolina. either way,.
9:21 am
>> i predict we will win in north carolina
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
jenna: let's turn back to politics now. a neck and neck battle in the north carolina. more than 1 million people have cast had cast ballots in the state's early voting. a quick look at north carolina, unemployment is very tough. more than 2% above the national average. you take a look at who is actually visiting the state, mitt romney has put in more time and president obama since april. when we talk about electoral votes, that's what comes out here. not necessarily each and every bill, but votes for every state. easy to 15 electoral votes for north carolina, and that is what you want.
9:25 am
let me show you this poll from real clear politics. it has taken a wide swath that time. according to this average, mitt romney is ahead in the state by five points. let's talk about somebody who really knows about this. jim rao is a reporter for the charlotte observer. what is this telling us, if anything about who has a leg up in the state? >> i think that early voting is up from four years ago. the numbers are higher for this. republicans are looking at this for good news. the expected democratic numbers to be high in early voting. but they are getting their people out, too, and republicans are feeling pretty good about this remark let's talk about what the democrats are doing as well. one democratic strategist this week said the obama campaign is pulling out of north carolina.
9:26 am
then the other party said no, we are not giving up on any of these states, including north carolina. does it seem like the obama campaign is pulling out a little bit? are they doubling down? >> i don't think they are pulling out at all. i think you are not seeing as many tv ads, and i think that the obama campaign put out a couple of new ad the other day. in a lot of the swing states, but not in north carolina. they are really relying on their ground game here. they are trying to get people to the polls. you know, democratic early voting is up. like i said, higher than four years ago. people expect early voting in general to be up. 70% of north carolina voters who are going to vote early. four years ago, obama came out of the early voting. there was a 300,000 vote cushion which carried him through
9:27 am
election day when he actually lost. he was able to eke out a 14,000 vote victory. i think democrats are putting all their marbles on the ground game. >> i think with early voting, it could be. i think it could be close, again. speaking to a pollster today, he came out with a poll yesterday that showed the race tied with obama and romney are 40% apiece. he actually expects a lot of the unaffiliated voters. jenna: we show the unemployment rate being higher north carolina. is that still the number-one issue in your state? >> yes. we have the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country right now. you know, all the cards are lined up for the republicans. he had a double-digit lead.
9:28 am
a 13-point lead in the democratic leaning poll that came out yesterday. he has consistently had a double-digit lead. all the signs are aligning for republicans, it seems like. >> the gubernatorial race, it looks like it is heading in that direction. jim, great to have you back on the program and we look forward to having you back again. jon: breaking news on this friday morning and startling news about the terror attack in libya. the cia asked for help and was denied. our panel weighs in on how that could possibly happen coming up next. plus, checking the facts. behind one of michelle obama's biggest zinger's. >> to the president, i will say this. it's not a question of courses and bayonets.
9:29 am
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9:32 am
jon: governor mitt romney in ames, iowa, right now. a little more than half an hour, he will be delivering what his campaign calls a significant economic address. later in the day, he moves into another battleground state of
9:33 am
ohio. that is where he will meet up with his running mate. john roberts is live in ames, iowa. he has the latest for us. what can you tell us about this big sweet chin speech? >> the gdp numbers are below the mark. they are less than half than what the president said he would be after the stimulus for the "washington post" finds that governor romney has a nine-point edge when it comes to the economy. he's going to try to capitalize on that. he says we face big challenges, but we also have big opportunities. we seize the moment. governor romney is also going to have some harsh words for obama, saying that he has not adequately met the challenges in america. here's the video from defiance,
9:34 am
ohio. >> this is the time for big challenges and big opportunities. we have a big choice and we are going to elect a president that is willing to make big changes. i will. i will get this country going again with your help. >> governor romney on the trail, also more and more talking about a sense of bipartisanship. telling people he will reach across the aisle to get things done. much as he did as he was governor of massachusetts. jon: is the president falling behind and went to the polls come looking for strategies? >> he continues to attack romney on two fronts. first of all saying these two conservative people can't be trusted. but with more americans trusting governor romney and the economy than the president, mr. obama has to make a compelling case for his second term.
9:35 am
>> i have a plan. a plan that will actually create jobs and not just talk about creating them -- but a plan that will actually create middle-class security. not just use the words and not deliver on that promise. unlike my opponent, i am actually proud to talk about what is my plan. because the arithmetic works. reporter: yesterday, the president dropped off in chicago to vote early. that is something he is hoping he can get enough voters locked in now to counter any republican surge that might happen on election day. jon: john roberts in ames, iowa. thank you. jenna: is fox news alert. troubling new details in the deadly terror attack in the u.s. consulate in libya. fox news confirming the obama
9:36 am
administration officials. we don't know which official, denying three urgent requests for military backup from benghazi on the night of the attack. those requests coming during the initial attack, and another attack several hours later. joining us now is retired colonel tony shaver and on the phone with us is covert operations officer for the cia, mike baker. great to have you both with us. what is your reaction? why would a request for help even i'm? >> well, this has been talked about quite we internally or a little while, leading up to the release of this information publicly. you know, defense secretary panetta, and i have a great deal of respect, he came out and said the reason for the denial is there just wasn't enough information.
9:37 am
now, all right, a fair go. there are a lot of uncertainties, but that is why the response team is there. that is why they train every day. he liked to have an absolutely go into a situation like this, but you never do. so what i think of it? i think it is pathetic that we were not able to respond. despite the fact that we didn't know what was happening on the ground. it didn't matter. we were in jeopardy and we should have been there for our people. jon: okay, you have glen doherty and tyrone woods. on the ground, we say that we need help here. they were told no. they actually disobeyed orders and went to the embassy from the cia and ask. apparently rescuing people. the body count here could've been worse if those two heroes
9:38 am
had not defy orders. but when they are on the ground -- >> let me defend my brothers. panetta said something telling us yesterday something horrific. it did not fit within a 24 hour planning capability. are you kidding me? mike was correct. we have been talking about this behind the scenes for over a week now. these guys, these navy seals have made informal contact with these other special measures. they knew they were there. they were calling for help if it was there, and someone said, no. i think panetta is underselling for understanding that not understanding the special forces. it goes back to the old adage of these guys be able being able to adapt, improvise, and overcome.
9:39 am
one last inconvenient point. the ambassador was missing at that point in time. you would've thought everything that could be done should be done to figure out what was going on by the fact that he was not known to be dead yet. these guys were in a firefight trying to recover people, and someone made a decision to sit on their hands. jon: i have not been in combat. i know that you have. here is one question. one of the justifications for not sending in an 8130 gunship, which can put an incredible amount of blood on the ground, what is the reason for not doing that is they didn't know whether the folks in the street were friendly or not family. >> that's a great point. i'm thinking if you send an some kind of military support and bullets start flying, the bullets are going to skedaddle out of their. >> absolutely, you should have done something. more importantly, according to the information came out today, these guys committee cia guys
9:40 am
did have, i can't go into detail, ways of identifying where the good guys were. reportedly, these guys have designators -- laser designators. our guys can hit with precision and efficiency. thereby taking that argument away. jon: just one point, apparently they did have a laser pointed at the enemy that was launching mortars. >> let's just take this whole thing together. jenna: we hear the news about senator mccain that bret baier shared with us. he felt these different people that could help or not ready to help. and there was a readiness issue as well. some of our viewers are asking the question, what does it all mean? are we, like general keane told us yesterday, monday morning quarterbacking on the story and questioning what was done. we should be asking more questions about what is the plan next. how do you feel in general about
9:41 am
the scum at the end of the week where this all stems? >> i think honestly -- it's not so much that he wasn't ready. these people train everyday. you put them in harms way, and the fact that tony said it wasn't done, it is just unconscionable. but the idea that we are not talking about the response as opposed to why were these people put in this position in the first place. i think we are missing the bigger picture here. despite it is important in looking at how things can improve down the road. it is unconscionable. i don't understand how, and it's not secretary but that -- secretary panetta is view. but i suspect in part also, that
9:42 am
while we don't want to send in a military response, it's going to look wrong. admittedly, we don't understand what is happening on the ground. you know, i don't know this is going to be the right response in terms of how we are posturing ourselves in libya. again, he could think of that would be a response in those would be a reason for the lack of response. but i think there is a political aspect of this. jenna: it's great to have you both with us. thank you both so much and we look forward to having you back. jon: the mainstream media writing or talking about an economic recovery, predicting a rebound for several years now. the expected rebound has yet to materialize. what is going on? could it have anything to do with campaign 2012? on whose watch panel with some ideas on that seems they haven't been moving much lately.
9:43 am
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jenna: a new fact check behind the president famous zinger about the unit. you have probably heard about bayonets more this week than maybe your whole life. supporters are in support of a streamlined military. adam is in los angeles. reporter: the marines say that they still deploy bayonets. this is not about bayonets. what it does do is take this into the idea of the restoration and how this might affect our nation. a lot of people are worried about this. between the president and governor romney, it came up this week. governor romney has turned this into a radio ad. wasn't part of that. >> as president obama continues, his flippant remarks insult
9:47 am
rummy. do they expose how president obama use the world and america's place in it? >> that radio suggesting that the president is in favor of sequestration. the president has said he is against that. it is not a good thing. we put the numbers together of what this means. right now, there is maybe 287. they asked for 313. basically, the number that has been settled upon us about 300. maybe cause that 2019 ships in service. sequestration could be 230. we have active ships at the end of the bush administration. more coming online at that point. at the end of the cold war, 529 ships in the navy. when you talk to people on both sides, including analysts, they will tell you that we need more ships. there are people out there that
9:48 am
said we need a more streamlined navy it makes sense in this environment to you might have the most capable aircraft in the world to deal with the middle east. but if you have someone who is halfway around the world, that is a long way to get to. >> they can provide deterrence and they can provide a presence. >> all of our forces are of course, important. not only offense of in defense of, there is a humanitarian issue as well. the oceans don't shrink. you still have to get from one place to another. with the top of these mobile bases now, it also brings that into account as well. keep in a close eye on us. coming down the pipeline for the navy. jenna: porton content for us
9:49 am
today. thank you, adam. jon: governor romney is on the ground in iowa. the crucial swing state. we are just 20 minutes away from governor romney delivering a major economic speech. we will take you live to iowa coming up next. i don't see... beep! wow! that didn't ta much blood. yeah, and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. so easy. yep. freestyle lite needs just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? so testing is one less thing i have to worry about today. great. call or click today and get strips and a meter free. test easy. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university,
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speed and 10. jon: you don't need us to tell you that this economy is struggling from a crippling recession. the numbers out suggest that the rate of expansion in the third quarter is up just 2%. a rate that is slower than it was at this time last year. the national debt, now $16 trillion. a 60% jump from the time that obama took office.
9:53 am
the mainstream media repeatedly telling us that the economy would be worse without the president and his ideas. is that accurate? a pulitzer prize-winning guest is with us. i want to take you to a gdp chart showing what the numbers were going back to 2000. 2000 was a pretty good year. we were up 4.1%. in 2001 you had the 9/11 attacks. and then we crept back from their until we hit the worldwide crisis of 2008 in 2009. if you look at the obama administration years, these are the numbers. tepid growth, but the media often suggests that things would be worse without this president in place. they said that time after time. why is that? >> because there is another chart that shows job losses and job growth. when obama came into office, we
9:54 am
have been losing less jobs and actually gaining. the trajectory is actually covering this. the trajectory is up. it doesn't mean that we are where we need to be. but multiple economists have said, including john mccain's economist says that without the stimulus, this is what they are pushing forward the one this is the way to broadcast like to call this, have we recovered? >> no, we have not recovered fast enough. it is whether or not they can argue that the pace is good enough. one of the things the president
9:55 am
obama has to deal with and explain is this tremendous surge of underemployment and unemployment. 2007 to 2010. which is precisely the age group, the demographics of the people who voted for him in disproportionate numbers the last time. the individual components of the economic record, i think, haven't gotten sufficient attention from the media. spume unsent. jon: labor force participation is one of those things can make your eyes go glaze over. unemployment would be of above 10% for the most of effective thing he has had in terms of reducing the unemployment rate in this country. so many people just left the work force and quit looking for jobs. >> i am not an economist, which is why look at what economists say. i try to look at people that are
9:56 am
not trying to persuade you one way politically or another. but the consensus among them truly is that the stimulus has been helpful. the only people who don't agree with that or people who tend to be not aligned against the president. the argument is that we would be in a worse situation if president obama hadn't taken the steps of each other. maybe someone else would've taken the same steps and we would be in a better place. but it's fundamentally true that the steps that he took prevented us from being in a worse situation. >> okay, we have to say goodbye. thank you both. 3:00 p.m. eastern, a full hour right back in a moment. but the, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money.
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jenna: take you so mu

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